General terms of placing orders

General terms of placing orders apply to the legal relations created in the process of ordering products and other products (hereinafter – the Product or the Products) available on FineFloors OÜ website (hereinafter – FineFloors) at www.finefloors.ee (hereinafter – the Website) and in FineFloors mobile application (hereinafter – the Application) using the Internet environment for placing orders (hereinafter – the Online Store).

Besides these general terms of use, relations between the Customer and FineFloors also shall be regulated by legal regulations of the Republic of Estonia, the procedure for processing personal data of FineFloors customers, the pricelist for the Products in the Online Store and established good custom.

1. Ordering Products

1.1 The Customer shall select suitable Product(s), indicate the amount of each Product as well as the methods of payment and delivery of the Product(s). Before the final confirmation of the order the Customer can review and change the order. After that the Customer confirms the order. Orders can be placed in Estonian and English languages.

1.2 Prices of all Products in the Online Store contain VAT.

1.3 The price of delivery is added to the price of selected Products in accordance with the delivery method selected by the Customer or sent seperately to Customer before sending products.

1.4 The order confirmed by the Customer can be paid for using internet bank.

1.6 The contract between the Customer and FineFloors is considered to be concluded after the order is confirmed by the Customer and the order confirmation is sent by email by FineFloors.

1.7 The order is considered valid after the Products are shipped to the Customer by FineFloors.

2. Delivery of the Products

2.1 FineFloors delivers the Products to the Customer in accordance with the method selected by the Customer when placing the order: in Omniva parcel terminal, in SmartPOST parcel terminal, in a post office of Eesti Post, with courier or pickup in FineFloors store.

2.2 The Customer selects the delivery method when placing the order. The price of delivery is going to be sended to the Customer via email.

3. The Customer’s right to cancel the order

3. To cancel the order the Consumer shall submit to FineFloors the written application, send it by email, verbally cancel the order in a store or use the order cancellation form available on the Website.

3.2 In the written cancellation application the Consumer shall indicate the number of the bank account for transfer of the sum to be returned along with the name of the holder of such account. FineFloors returns money in cash only where the Consumer cancels the order by visiting a store and in case of clearly expressed approval of the Consumer.

3.3 Where the Consumer cancels the order, the Consumer shall return unused and undamaged Products without delay, but not later than within 14 calendar days from the moment of submission of the cancellation application. The Consumer has the right to return the Products to FineFloors storese or sent them by post to FineFloors OÜ, Männiku tee 96G. The Consumer shall cover expenses in connection with return of the products.

3.6 FineFloors returns to the Consumer the sum paid for the Products in the amount equal to the sum paid by the Consumer. Where the Consumer returns only a part of the ordered Products, FineFloors compensates delivery expenses proportionally to the number of ordered Products. FineFloors returns the money within 30 calendar days from the moment of receipt of the cancellation application, but not earlier than within 3 days after receipt of the Products from the Consumer. FineFloors shall in full compensate to the Consumer expenses in connection with sending the Products, where the return was caused by the Products being faulty.

3.7 Where the Products returned by the Consumer have been used, FineFloors has the right to demand compensation of damage up to the sum equal to the selling price of the Products, depending on the degree of depreciation of the Products. The indicated sum is deducted from the sum to be refunded to the Consumer.

4. Rights of the Customer

4.1 The Products sent to the Customer shall be complete and of proper quality and shall correspond to the conditions set out by FineFloors.

4.2 The Customer has the right to cancel an order in accordance with provisions of Section 3.

4.3 Where the Products fail to comply with provisions of the contract, the Customer has the right to use means of legal protection provided by law.

5. Obligations of the Customer

5.1 Upon placing an order the Customer shall indicate the information required for processing the order: name and surname, exact postal address (street, house number, apartment number, postal code, city or village and county), contact telephone number and (where possible) email address.

5.2 Where the Customer and the Receiver of the Products are different persons, the information set out in Section 5.1 shall be provided by the Customer.

5.3 Where the information provided by the Customer is inaccurate and/or incomplete and fails to correspond with provisions of Section 5.1, FineFloors does not guarantee timely delivery. FineFloors will attempt to contact the Customer to specify inaccurate or incomplete information.

5.4 By placing an order the Customer confirms that he/she agrees with these General terms of placing orders and undertakes to comply with them.

6. Rights of FineFloors

6.1 FineFloors has the right to introduce changes to these General terms of placing orders without prior notification by publishing the new terms in the Online Environment.

6.2 FineFloors has the right to change the pricelist of the Online Store at any time without prior notification by publishing the new pricelist in the Online Environment.

6.3 FineFloors has the right to refuse to accept or perform an order, where (included, but not limited to) the pricelist mistakenly indicates a wrong price.

6.4 Where the Customer fails to comply with obligations undertaken in accordance with these general terms, FineFloors does not guarantee processing the order and/or timely delivery of the Products.

6.5 Where the Customer fails to accurately perform his/her payment obligations, FineFloors has the right to publish details of the Customer in the register of payment violations.

7. Obligations of FineFloors

7.1 The Product(s) deliver to the Customer by FineFloors shall be complete and of proper quality.

7.2 FineFloors shall accept and document all claims of the Customer.

7.3 FineFloors shall review claims of the Customer within 7 business days, where the reasons for such claims are not caused by the Customer. Otherwise the Customer shall eliminate the reasons for claims.

7.4 FineFloors shall replace faulty Products. FineFloors shall only be responsible for manufacturing faults and other damage that were present at the time of transfer of the Products to the Customer.

7.5. Any disputes between the parties shall be settled by negotiations. Where the parties fail to reach an agreement and the Customer insists on review of his/her claim, the Customer has the right to:

- turn to the Consumer Disputes Commission of the Consumer Protection Board by turning to Rahukohtu 2, Tallinn 10130 or to website www.komisjon.ee. The Commission has jurisdiction to regulate disputes in connection with contracts between consumers and companies that the parties are not able to settle by negotiations. Resolution of disputes in the Commission is free of charge for the parties;

- settle disputes using the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR) at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. ODR is primarily (but not exclusively) designed for settlement of cross-border disputes and allows consumers to easily find an authority for extrajudicial settlement in another EU country;

- turn to the court of law.

If you have questions, please call the customer support line +372 51 26 295 or send an email to info@finefloors.ee