Welcome our new star!

Welcome our new star!

For a while, You’ve been able to buy our new product Rubio Monocoat BioCleaner from our e-shop or from office. Our experience with that product have shown us, that product can clean all sorts of different stains.
What is the difference between RMC Cleaner and RMC BioCleaner? Cleaner is originally made for cleaning wooden surfaces before oiling. You can use it as well for the tools, You used for oiling. In real life, we tried to remove oil stain (Chocolate color) from jeans. The stain didn’t disappear but it got much lighter. This is the part where BioCleaner takes over!
BioCleaner is made for removing oil stains from clothes, shoes, tools etc. It does not consist any acids, VOCs or phosphates. It is non-flammable and kills bacteria, so You can use it even in washing machine.
You can use BioCleaner in industry or at home, where You can clean surfaces such as cookers, mechanical parts and remove soot with it. It is suitable for using on all surfaces that are washable, it does not corrode.
At office, there was an oil stain on one of our lapstops lid.  It has been there over a year but BioCleaner was still able to clean it easily and fast. Then we tried to remove tar and asphalt chuncks from one Team Ghost STIHLs car and it worked!

So, BioCleaner is one very powerful product, that can help You with all differend kind of problems.

Amazing balancing bottle holder

Amazing balancing bottle holder

Ever since I first saw one of these, we wanted one. The principle of center of gravity is so excellently demonstrated by this set up, for it stays floating in the air, because the center of gravity of the entire system (board and full bottle) is directly over the slanted foot it rests upon. I always thought it would really hard to figure out how to make one for my own.  It really wasn’t that hard. You just have to be exacting in cutting the angle at the bottom and the location of the hole toward the top. Here we go on how to make a Floating Wine Bottle Holder.


  • 15” x 3 1/8” x 3/4” hard wood board (I used oak, about $3.50/ft.)
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Straight edge
  • Chop saw
  • Drill
  • 1 ½” drill bit
  • Medium sandpaper
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Paint, or stain, or whatever you want to finish your wood.
  • Bottle of wine (I don’t drink alcohol, so I have a bottle of Martinelli’s)



  1. Take the tape measure and remembering the rule: measure twice, cut once, measure down 14 1/8 inches, then, use a straight edge to draw a line from one edge to another.

  2. Turn the board over and from the same edge as before, measure down 13 ¾”. Again draw a straight line.

  3. Turn the wood on edge and draw a line connecting the line from the front to the back.  This will form a 27° angle. 

  4. When you cut this angle, on the chop saw, be as exact as possible.

  5. From the other end of the board measure a line 3 1/8 inches from the top.  Draw a line.  From one edge measure 1 5/8 inches.  Draw a cross line.  This will create an “X” that will be the middle of your 1 ½ inch circle. 

  6. Use the drill and 1 ½ inch drill bit to cut the hole.

  7. Use the medium grit sandpaper, and smooth out the center of the hole and all the surfaces of your board.

    Sand the board again using the fine grit sandpaper.

  8. Now is the time to put a finish on your wood. I like dark wood, so I used a walnut stain and finish. Finish it the way you want.

Now take your wine bottle and put the mouth of the bottle in through the hole, so that the slanted foot of the board is directly under the body of the bottle. It will take a little bit to adjust the location of the neck and the bottle body to get it to balance. Yet balance it will. Hurray, it worked, (I was a little nervous there). Enjoy!


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New cutting board with only 5 easy steps!

New cutting board with only 5 easy steps!

  1. Choose Your favourite wood. It is recommended to use untreated hardwood plank (these are made with Norfolk pine) (it is important to get untreated wood since you are using these for food prep)
  2. When You have somekind of pattern You would like to have on Your cutting board, draw it on the paper and then use this stencil to get it on Your cutting board. When You like, You can draw the shape right on the cutting board.

  3. Cut the shape out, using jig-saw.  

  4. Sand Your cutting board, using sanding machine or You can do it manually as well. It is recommended to sand it twice with different roughness sandpapers.

  5. To finish Your new cutting board, it is possible to use the most common foodoil. If You like more colorful cutting board, You can use Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector. You can draw on Your cutting board, using wood engraving machine. (You should engrave it before You finish it).

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Pet and wooden floor- is it really possible?

Pet and wooden floor- is it really possible?

Choosing the right floor finishing depends on lot of factors, one of them are pets. There are a lot of questions in differend forums about what happens, when dogs walks on wooden floor? Will the nailmarks be very striking? How easy or hard it will be to maintain the floor? This is what this article is about!

If You have laquered floor, You must know that laquer is much more easier to damage. In time there will develop micro-cracks in the surface, which will increase in time. Damaged laquer will start peeling and dust will gather beneath it's surface. To fix laquered floor, it's needed to sand the whole floor and refinish it. 
On oiled floor, it's harder to damage it mechanically. Of course, the durability of the wooden floor depends on what kind of wood is it made of. Softer types of wood, for example pine or spruce, will be easier to damage. The strongest type of wood is jatoba, after that comes, wenge and merbau.

Like said before, it is harder to maintain laquer-finished floor because of the micro-cracks. With oil, there is no such problem. For everyday cleaning, usual vacuum cleaner and special Soap for washing the floor are enough. No need to fear that when Your pet comes inside with dirty paws, You cant get Your floors clean. Oiled floor doesnt let dirt to absorb.

When Your pet is still a puppy, sometimes happens that it doesnt make it outside for pee. On long term, uric acid starts to react with a wooden surface and pretty soon You will have a ruint floor. It doesn't matter, what kind of finishing You have, uric is bad to each of them in long term. Oiled floor is water-resistant but despite this it is strongly recommended to remove the uric from the floor rightaway, to avoid different colored spots on Your floor.
There should be protecting tray under waterbowl because continuous water on top of wooden surface is not very healthy to wooden floors. 

Also You should think, what kind of finishing is best for Your pet. Laquered or laminated floor can be too slippery and Your pet may fall and get hurt. Floors finished with oil is natural and not slippery, so Your pet can feel safe while walking or playing on it.

5 reasons to choose timberoil over laquer

5 reasons to choose timberoil over laquer
  • Oiled surface is much warmer.
    Oiling the wooden floor maintains it's warmth and naturality. This is possible thanks to Rubio Monocoat timberoils, which dont absorb or cover the wooden surface but reacts with it. 

  • Spot-recover is so much easier!
    When laquer is damaged, whole floor must be sanded and re-finished. When using Rubio Monocoat timberoils, it is way more easier: just sand the spot which is damaged and cover it with oil.

  • Ecologically responsible!
    Laquers have a great amount of solvents inside of them. Solvents may cause allergic reactions. Rubio Monocoat has 0% of solvents inside it, which means that Rubio Monocoat has 0% VOC. 

  • Oiling wooden floor takes a lot less time.
    Finishing wooden floor with laquer takes a lot of time. It needs several layers before it's ready. Rubio Monocoat timberoils colors and protects with only one single layer.

  • Almost endless choice of colors.
    We have 54 ready-to-use colors. If You still cant find Your favourite one, we have PreColor Easy, which makes it possible to achieve up to 800 different variations.

When strong and fast adhesion is needed..

When strong and fast adhesion is needed..

STA-PUT contact adhesive is made for both in industry or at home using. At home it can be used for gluing furniture, different floor coverings off the gluing, gluing wood dekoratiivseinte wall surface etc. STA - PUT adheres very well to most kinds of materials, including our plastics. Furthermore, glues very well laminates, natural wood veneer, PVC, ABS and other plastics, natural and artificial leather, tapestry, mirror, ceramic components, glass fibers, gel coating, paper, glass, cork, felt, foam rubber, acoustic insulation, aluminum and steel. The adhesive is characterized by a large particle of solid parts (HS ), the amount of water resistance and elasticity.

Using it is also simple: shake the bottle well before using it, especially if it has been present long before a lower temperature. For optimal results, the temperature of  the adhesive, room and material would be about 23 degrees. Before gluing, clean the adhesion surfaces of dirt, oil, dust, etc., which could affect the bond quality. For cleaning the surface, use a non-acetone solvent and allow the surface to dry completely. Then clean the surface with a dry cloth and start to glue application. Spray the surfaces to be bonded about 15-20 cm from the surface to avoid a uniform adhesive layer covering the surface of 80 to 100%.

One of the bonding material spray glue vertically, the other horizontally. Avoid spraying at one point, and consequently the "glue puddles' forming. For porous substrates, it is desirable to spray the adhesive on two phases (second layer when the first one is completely dry). The solvent evaporation time is 2 to 4 minutes, depending on the conditions. After that, the surfaces may be glued together, pushing them firmly together. It is important as a uniform compression across the adhesive surface, it ensures maximum adhesion. Use the STA-PUT glue in properly ventilated room.

STA-PUT other advantages can be pointed out as fast adhesion (2-5 min), the minimum cost (1kg / 6-8m²),  small loss of glue and tearing-test result of 120 Nm. The materials can be processed immediately after gluing and the product is very environment friendly.

Also, at office we use STA PUT as well, thanks to its reliability and strong adhesion.

Also available in 17kg canister!

Wooden bathroom? Absolutely!

Wooden bathroom? Absolutely!

Once You have installed a wooden floor in You home, You will not want anykind of other flooring materials any more. Wooden floors are suitable for all the rooms, but lessknown is, that You can use wooden floors even in the bathrooms or saunas. 
It is not recommended to install pine or spruce in wet rooms but alternative is Teak, which is perfect for wet rooms. Thanks to Teak's big oil-content, it is very water-resistant and withstanding to big temperature fluctations. It is possible to make bath surroundings, showers bases, baths etc.

Teak, also known as Tikapuu or Tiikpuu in Estonia, grows all over the India, Thai, Indonesia and Java. Teak has high oil-content, so it's water-resistant. Teak is dark timber, it has specific scent and it feels oily.

Teak is ofter used for ship decks, handrails, oars and hatchways. Teak is very resistant to salty water. At home, Teak is perfect for making outdoor furniture. 

Rubio EasyPrimer Aqua and Rubio EasyFlow-F

Rubio EasyPrimer Aqua and Rubio EasyFlow-F

As said before, every different project is special to us. 
In this article, we write about one of our projects, where we levelled the room and installed wooden massivboards.

The substrate, where we wanted to do the levelling, was made of plats for underfloor heating. Substrate was soft and for better adhesion with Rubio EasyFlow-F, we used Rubio EasyPrimer Aqua. We used primerroll to apply the product on the substrate. 

For levelling, we used Rubio EasyFlow-F. EasyFlow-F is fyber-reinforced selflevelling leveller. When the primer was dry, we poured the leveller on the floor with width of 3-7mm. 
When we mixed leveller powder with water, there was minimal amount of dust. 

On the leveller, we installed solid floorboards. For that we used Rubio EasyBond. This parquet adhesive is suitable for all types of wood and adhesion is quick and strong. 

Unlike most of other parquet adhesives, Rubio EasyBond does not include any softening agents, which in time migrate through wooden floors and ruin the finishing. Thanks to that we can guarantee beautiful and longlasting floor to You. 

Wooden floors from professionals!

Wooden floors from professionals!

All you actively use, gets worn-out . The same applies to the floors and terraces. On wooden floors, there often appears walking paths, thanks to low-quality finishing materials and terraceses gets worn-out because of constantly changing climate of Estonia . These troubles are in which we can help You. Our floor lounge offers a full range of services related to the wooden floors and terraces. In our work we use only the best materials and oils, so we can guarantee a long-lasting finish. We offer a wide range of multi -layered and massivparquet. We have may different types of wood: oak, ash , maple , rosewood , teak , etc . We also have vinyl.

When renovating the old floor, we use special Lagler sanding machines which are connected to the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to that, our sanding is almost dustfree. Sanding is conducted in several different phases and with different hardness, so Your floor will be smooth. 
When sanding is done, it is possible to oil the floor. For that we use and recommend timberoils from Rubio Monocoat. These oils color and protect Your floor with only one single layer. Oil doesnt make a layer on top of the wood and doesnt absorb, but reacts whit the wood. Thanks to that the consumption of a oil is very small. We have 54 ready-to-use colors, but when using PreColor Easy, You can achieve up to 800 different colors.
To finish Your room completely, we offer skirting boards as well. We have very exclusive dual skirting boards. What makes them special, is possibility to oil it differently so transition from floor to wall is more smooth. With this kind of skirting board, the attachment points will not be seeable. 

When floors are finished and its time for terrace, we can help You as well. We can build You a totally new one or renovate the old one. 
We have a wide range of different terrace materials, bot hardwood or WPC. We have leech, oak, teak, cumaru, garapa etc. For terrace finishing, we use Hybrid Wood Protector oudoors timberoil. There are 24 ready-to-use colors.
WPC material is 60% wood, 35% polyethylen and 5% additive.  

Maintaining wooden floors and terraces is easy! Best product for this is Rubio Monocoat Soap, which is made for surfaces which are oiled with Rubio Monocoat timberoils. On the same time, it is universal and can be used on all the surfaces, for example tiles, vinyl, PVC, wood etc. 

Maintaining have never before been that easy!

Maintaining have never before been that easy!

There are a lots of differenc cleaning products available in the stores. But little of us know, that wooden surfaces need special products because other products that are universal may do harm to Your wooden surfaces. 

Rubio Monocoat Tannin Remover
Tannin Remover is made for removing tannic stains on wooden surfaces. When water, metal and wood gets together, stain will appear. Formerly was the only way to get rid of them, sand the whole surface and re-finish it but on nowadays all You need is Tannin Remover. Just spray it on the stain, let it react and Your rooden surface looks as good as new.

Rubio Monocoat Grease Remover
Grease Remover is made for grease stains removal. Product is useful for stains which are next to stove. Using is easy: just spray it on the stain. It is necessary to spray it on stain as fast as You can after it appears so that the grease dont have time to migrate inside the wood. For very hard stains it is recommended to repeat the action until the stain is gone.

Rubio Monocoat LimeSpot Remover
Ready-to-use product for limespots and calc. Thatkind of stains are usually in places, where water which have high hardness goes on wooden surface and it is not wiped off. Usable in bathrooms, sink surroundings etc. 

Rubio Monocoat Surface Care
Surface Care is made for everyday cleaning for wooden surfaces. It can be used on allkind of surfaces, for example: wooden tabels, in the kitchen, livingroom etc.T
This product is a concentrate and is made in handful plastic spray-bottle. Just spray it on, wipe with cotton cloth and let it dry.

Rubio Monocoat Soap

This is Your Best friend for wooden floors. It can be used for regular floor wash or for maintenance floorwash. RMC Soap is all natural and leaves nice citrus scent in room. On regular wash You must add 10g of Soap on 5 litres of water. It removes all the dirt and grease and does not leave membrane layer to Your floor.

We can assure You that when using our products, You provide the best care for Your floors.

Innovative parquet-adhesive Rubio EasyBond!

Innovative parquet-adhesive Rubio EasyBond!

Rubio Monocoat is proudly introducing the newest member of its family, Rubio Easybond. Rubio Easybond is a new generation of single component parquet adhesive based on silane-polymer technology.

This parquet adhesive is universally applicable for nearly all types of wood and situations, and contains no plasticizers and is hard-elastic – two characteristics that result in a durable parquet adhesive, which fulfils virtually all recognised norms and tests, including the latest ISO 17178 standard.

Rubio EasyBond consists of a complete range of primers, levelling compounds and tools for preparing the substrate. From preparation of the substrate to finishing the parquet, you don’t have to think twice. With Rubio Monocoat, you can get everything done.

Available in 290ml tube for sealing the seams and skirtboards.

Don’t give it another thought – Rubio® EasyBond makes it easy. The adhesive is suitable for almost all wood types and all substrates. Including solid and engineered parquet as well as sub-parquet, end-grain wood, cork and other challenging wood types. This new generation of adhesive takes the best from everything thus combining important properties such as strength and elasticity in the same adhesive, and complies with the “new” standard ISO 17178.     

Rubio® EasyBond contains no softening agents meaning there is no migration and the adhesive’s composition does not change. This is why you don’t need to worry about damage to the surface finish afterwards as the adhesive simply contains nothing that can migrate to the wood. Very reassuring, isn’t it?
The parquet can be polished after 12 hours, saving a great deal of time compared to other adhesives. Because there are no softening agents in the adhesive, these cannot migrate and we can guarantee durable adhesion.

New terraces for everyone!

New terraces for everyone!


When You are feeling envious about about three things: the neighbor's wife, neighbor's car and neighbor's patio then at least one of the three, we can help you!


Little by little, the approaching spring puts many of us to think about the construction of terrac or when existing terrace, giving a fresh look to it. FineFloors offers a wide range of suitable outdoor patio materials and oils.


Solid wood terrace boards we have, there are several types of wood from different parts of the world. From different species, there are represented douglas, larch and oak. Great choice of wood species ensures a suitable material even for the most demanding customer. All of our materials that we are offering, are made of wood, which grows in the forests of renewable sources and is therefore legal. For finishing, we are offering Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector, which colors and protects the wooden surfaces in one single layer. Hybrid Wood Protector protects the wood from rot and fading. Available in 24 different shades. There is no reason to worry that the patio is ready to use at the end of summer, when the weather is already rainy. Hybrid Wood Protectoriga takes terraces drying up time for only one day, so the next day, You can already sunbathe on Your new terrace. In this way oiled terrace maintenance is easy because the patio does not need to be sanded before maintenance care. You can also oil Your wood patio furniture with Hybrid Wood Protector, because the product is suitable for use in any wood.

Besides usual wooden materials, we are offering WPC terrace material. WPC means, that there are 60% of wood, 35% polyethylene and 5% additive inside that material. WPC material has stronger resistance outdoors, fading-proof, fixed lenght ja very easy to maintain. We are offering 4 different colors terrace boards: light brown, dark brown, light grey and dark grey.
For easier installation, we have special mounting brackets and screws and other applications but when You dont want to do it by Yourself, we can do it for You. Depending on the size and location of the terrace, it takes only few days to install Your terrace, so You can use it very fast!

5 reasons to choose wooden floor

5 reasons to choose wooden floor

When doing repair work has reached the sequel to the floor and there are several different flooring materials You must choose from, then FineFloors brings out few reasons, to choose wooden floor.
On nowadays, there are different wooden materials available for flooring, different kinds of patterns or functions but characteristics of wood stays the same. It makes wooden floor smart choice for people, who would like to have cozy home without a need to maintain it all the time. 



1. Wood is natural and warm

Wooden floor it natural and warm to step on. As a natural material, wood makes Your home cozy and rustic. For estonians, wooden floors are most common choice. 

2. Wood is esthetic

Wooden floors have been in use for years in manors and villas thanks to its esthetic appearance. When placed in luxurious patterns, wooden floor looks very elegant. When floor is placed on the right way, it is very easy to clean and maintain it.  

3. A lot of options

Wooden flooring are divided in two based on material - parquet and strip-parquet. Parquet is divided into massive and multi-layer board. Strip-parquet differs from the parquet in terms of smaller dimensions and are installed in different patterns. The most common is the " Herringbone " pattern. A variety of wooden flooring materials can be read here.


4. Wooden floor is longlasting

Floors made of wood are very longlasting. Properly installed and finised floors last for many years. For example, massiv-floorboard has almost lifetime guarantee. It is possible to sand it several times and refinish it, when in need to giva a little refresh for Your home.

5. Easy to maintain

It is usual that people think that it's harder to keep wooden floor clean. Truth it, that wooden floors are even easier to maintain, than other materials. There are many different products made especially for wooden surfacesfor example Rubio Monocoat Soap, which is a concentrate and can be used for ordinary floor-washing or for maintaining the floor.  


If it still seems hard to make a right decision for Yourself, feel free to visit out office to get the best counsel!

Goodbye, tannic stains!

Goodbye, tannic stains!

Lots of us have problems at home with tannic stains. These stains arise, when wet metal is on wooden surface. When You buy new nice couch with metal legs and You have a wooden floor, it’s usual that after washing Your floor, there are black marks on Your floor. It happens when there are three components togehter – wood, water and metal. Nowadays it’s not necessary to sand Your whole floor again, all You need is Rubio Monocoat Tannin Remover.

Rubio Monocoat Tannin Remover is ready-to-use product which is made especially for stains which are generated from acic and water. Using this product is easy: just spray it on the stain, let it react and then remove the stain with a cotton cloth. If the stain doesnt disappear on first time, repeat the action until the stain is gone.
You can use Tannin Remover on rough, oiled or oil-waxed surfaces in indoor and outdoor.

To be sure in the quality of the product we are selling, we tested it in our office. We made tannic stain on two types of wood- rough and unfinished. When we started our test, it appeared that making a tannic stain to a wooden surface which had been oiled with Rubio Monocoat Oil+2C it was a lot harder to make a stain. To make this test as similiar to reality as possible, we poured to water right on top of the wooden surface and then placed the metal can on top of it. When the stain was ready, we sprayed Tannin Remover on it and left it to react. On our case it took about 5 minutes the stain to disappear. Then we cleaned the surface with a dry cotton cloth and left it to dry. For final touch we cleaned it once more with Rubio Monocoat Surface Care.
No sanding required. Tannic stains are so easily removable from now on. 

Our test on rough wooden surface.

With surface which have been oiled before our test, it wasnt so easy. As it appeared, it was kind of hard to make a stain on it. We left the metal can on the wooden surface overnight and even then there was more like rusty than tannic stain. Still we decided to make that test and test was successful. Rubio Monocoat Tannin Remover removed not only the tannic stain, but all the rust as well. After cleaning the surface with Surface Care, it looks like new! 

Our test on oiled wooden surface.

Get your floors fresh for Christmas, with easy maintenance

Get your floors fresh for Christmas, with easy maintenance

Many of us have wooden floors at home, which need a little freshing up. As holidays are approaching and the desire to spend Christmas in a cozy home grow, but you lack time, FineFloors flooring professionals come to help you. It is possible to order a so-called „turn-key“ service from us. It means, that flooring professionals take care of rearranging the furniture before and after the maintenance service.
Maintenance starts with an effective machine washing, which is done with a polishing machine. As detergent, we use and recommend Rubio Monocoat Soap. Comprehensive machine wash is important, because all the dirt from wood pores must be removed. When the floor is washed, it is dried with water-sucking vacuum cleaner and then dried with the polishing machine again. The surface must be as dry as possible.
For maintenance we use Rubio Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil. It is a universal maintenance oil, which is used for protecting and refreshing (the floor?). It is also suitable for surfaces, that have been finished with any other oil except RMC, finished with lacquer or the where lacquer coat has started to crack.
As Rubio Monocoat oils react only with free wood fibres, the cost of Universal Maintenance Oil is minimal. With 0.5 l Universal Maintenance Oil it is possible to maintain 75-100m², depending on the type of wood and the manner of it’s preparation.
RMC Universal Maintenance Oil is available in five different colors: Pure, White, Grey, Brown and Black. This makes it possible to maintain the floor which is finished with black oil, remain black.

To apply oil, polishing machine is used because it makes covering the floor with oil more comprehensive. White pad is used for applying the oil. When oiling is finished, allow it to react about 10-15 minutes and then remove excess oil with a polishing machine, using the white pad.

However, when you have free time and are up to it, it is possible to carry out maintenance oiling by yourself. In home conditions, it is recommended to use RMC Soap for washing the floor. You should use two separate water buckets, one with RMC Soap and the other with pure water. When the floor is properly washed, let it dry out. When you perform maintenance manually, apply the oil with a cloth, brush or sponge. At one time, it is recommended to treat area sized 2-4m². All excess oil must be removed in 15 minutes, with a list-free cloth. Floor is ready for using after 24 hours.

In home conditions the maintenance oiling can be performed when necessary. Adding Rubio Monocoat Soap to your washing water once in couple of weeks is enough to keep your floors beautiful and fresh.

For additional information about our products and services, visit our price inquirity page or call us!

Dust-free sanding and protective oiling

Dust-free sanding and protective oiling

Ofter reneval and resoration of the wooden floors are constantly being postponed because of the fear about that dust what sanding creates. For example, fine grinded dust is very hard to get off the furniture.
Little is known that nowadays it is possible to perform floor sanding practically dust-free. Dust-free sanding enables wooden floors to be restored without major restructing. Consequently there is no need to move all the furniture out from your home, it is sufficent to move your furniture to the next room.
Because people tolerance for fust is individual, FineFloors representatives love to say that it is practically dust-free. One of our clientshave described the amount of dust created while sanding- as if household usual dust have been unwiped for couple of weeks.
There is no need to fear that you must order a cleaning company or even worse- start changing wallpapers or any other major repairing after sanding. FineFloors has a corresponding technique and experienced professionals, who will carry out the work with highest quaility.
In addition, as important as dust-free sanding, is finishing the surface- we recommend oiling. Over 6 years, FineFloors have been using Rubio Monocoat oils. There is only positive feedback from clients. As the name suggests, it is one-single-layer oils, which color and protect with only one single layer. What makes it special, is the fact that Rubio Monocoat oils do not cover the wooden surface as other oils do, it reacts with thw wood at the molecular level. It is a revolutional technology, what ensures floor durability and beautiful appearance for many years.
Oiling with Rubio Monocoat oils do not leave floors slippery, oils dont have any foul odor and floor will be ready for using on the next day.
Rubio Monocoat oils are very eco-friendly. There are 52 ready-to-use colours so everybody find suitable one. Maintaining floor finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil is very simple- once in a couple of weeks just add Rubio Monocoat Soap to your floorwashing water. It helps to protect your floors regularly.