Welcome our new star!

Welcome our new star!

For a while, You’ve been able to buy our new product Rubio Monocoat BioCleaner from our e-shop or from office. Our experience with that product have shown us, that product can clean all sorts of different stains.
What is the difference between RMC Cleaner and RMC BioCleaner? Cleaner is originally made for cleaning wooden surfaces before oiling. You can use it as well for the tools, You used for oiling. In real life, we tried to remove oil stain (Chocolate color) from jeans. The stain didn’t disappear but it got much lighter. This is the part where BioCleaner takes over!
BioCleaner is made for removing oil stains from clothes, shoes, tools etc. It does not consist any acids, VOCs or phosphates. It is non-flammable and kills bacteria, so You can use it even in washing machine.
You can use BioCleaner in industry or at home, where You can clean surfaces such as cookers, mechanical parts and remove soot with it. It is suitable for using on all surfaces that are washable, it does not corrode.
At office, there was an oil stain on one of our lapstops lid.  It has been there over a year but BioCleaner was still able to clean it easily and fast. Then we tried to remove tar and asphalt chuncks from one Team Ghost STIHLs car and it worked!

So, BioCleaner is one very powerful product, that can help You with all differend kind of problems.