Warm rooms with beautiful pellet stoves!

Warm rooms with beautiful pellet stoves!

A pellet heating system is an intelligent choice for a number of reasons. 
Compared to other fuels, pellets are inexpensive, are consumed slowly, and have high heat output. 
They are clean and produce no dust or other waste because they are compacted and sold in impervious clean packaging. 
When they burn they leave very little residue, allowing the heating system to operate at maximum efficiency and eliminating the need for continual removal of ash from the combustion chamber. 
But above all, pellets are ecological. 
They are made primarily from natural waste produced during woodworking. They contain no chemicals, and are a renewable source of energy whose use helps to limit exploitation of the forests, since they are made mainly from sawdust and woodchips. Pellets are therefore considered a biomass fuel, with double the energy density of wood and producing low CO2 and NOX emissions. 

FineFloors Salon is honoured to be the first one in Estonia to sell the whole range of Eva Calores pelletstoves! Thanks to its wide range of products, everyone can find their favourite product. As first ones, we are providing built-in pellet stoves. For houses or big apartments we are offering hydro- or air-boiler stoves. It is possible to order a remote for Your new stove.

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