New terraces for everyone!

New terraces for everyone!


When You are feeling envious about about three things: the neighbor's wife, neighbor's car and neighbor's patio then at least one of the three, we can help you!


Little by little, the approaching spring puts many of us to think about the construction of terrac or when existing terrace, giving a fresh look to it. FineFloors offers a wide range of suitable outdoor patio materials and oils.


Solid wood terrace boards we have, there are several types of wood from different parts of the world. From different species, there are represented douglas, larch and oak. Great choice of wood species ensures a suitable material even for the most demanding customer. All of our materials that we are offering, are made of wood, which grows in the forests of renewable sources and is therefore legal. For finishing, we are offering Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector, which colors and protects the wooden surfaces in one single layer. Hybrid Wood Protector protects the wood from rot and fading. Available in 24 different shades. There is no reason to worry that the patio is ready to use at the end of summer, when the weather is already rainy. Hybrid Wood Protectoriga takes terraces drying up time for only one day, so the next day, You can already sunbathe on Your new terrace. In this way oiled terrace maintenance is easy because the patio does not need to be sanded before maintenance care. You can also oil Your wood patio furniture with Hybrid Wood Protector, because the product is suitable for use in any wood.

Besides usual wooden materials, we are offering WPC terrace material. WPC means, that there are 60% of wood, 35% polyethylene and 5% additive inside that material. WPC material has stronger resistance outdoors, fading-proof, fixed lenght ja very easy to maintain. We are offering 4 different colors terrace boards: light brown, dark brown, light grey and dark grey.
For easier installation, we have special mounting brackets and screws and other applications but when You dont want to do it by Yourself, we can do it for You. Depending on the size and location of the terrace, it takes only few days to install Your terrace, so You can use it very fast!