Rubio EasyPrimer Aqua and Rubio EasyFlow-F

Rubio EasyPrimer Aqua and Rubio EasyFlow-F

As said before, every different project is special to us. 
In this article, we write about one of our projects, where we levelled the room and installed wooden massivboards.

The substrate, where we wanted to do the levelling, was made of plats for underfloor heating. Substrate was soft and for better adhesion with Rubio EasyFlow-F, we used Rubio EasyPrimer Aqua. We used primerroll to apply the product on the substrate. 

For levelling, we used Rubio EasyFlow-F. EasyFlow-F is fyber-reinforced selflevelling leveller. When the primer was dry, we poured the leveller on the floor with width of 3-7mm. 
When we mixed leveller powder with water, there was minimal amount of dust. 

On the leveller, we installed solid floorboards. For that we used Rubio EasyBond. This parquet adhesive is suitable for all types of wood and adhesion is quick and strong. 

Unlike most of other parquet adhesives, Rubio EasyBond does not include any softening agents, which in time migrate through wooden floors and ruin the finishing. Thanks to that we can guarantee beautiful and longlasting floor to You.