Wooden floors from professionals!

Wooden floors from professionals!

All you actively use, gets worn-out . The same applies to the floors and terraces. On wooden floors, there often appears walking paths, thanks to low-quality finishing materials and terraceses gets worn-out because of constantly changing climate of Estonia . These troubles are in which we can help You. Our floor lounge offers a full range of services related to the wooden floors and terraces. In our work we use only the best materials and oils, so we can guarantee a long-lasting finish. We offer a wide range of multi -layered and massivparquet. We have may different types of wood: oak, ash , maple , rosewood , teak , etc . We also have vinyl.

When renovating the old floor, we use special Lagler sanding machines which are connected to the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to that, our sanding is almost dustfree. Sanding is conducted in several different phases and with different hardness, so Your floor will be smooth. 
When sanding is done, it is possible to oil the floor. For that we use and recommend timberoils from Rubio Monocoat. These oils color and protect Your floor with only one single layer. Oil doesnt make a layer on top of the wood and doesnt absorb, but reacts whit the wood. Thanks to that the consumption of a oil is very small. We have 54 ready-to-use colors, but when using PreColor Easy, You can achieve up to 800 different colors.
To finish Your room completely, we offer skirting boards as well. We have very exclusive dual skirting boards. What makes them special, is possibility to oil it differently so transition from floor to wall is more smooth. With this kind of skirting board, the attachment points will not be seeable. 

When floors are finished and its time for terrace, we can help You as well. We can build You a totally new one or renovate the old one. 
We have a wide range of different terrace materials, bot hardwood or WPC. We have leech, oak, teak, cumaru, garapa etc. For terrace finishing, we use Hybrid Wood Protector oudoors timberoil. There are 24 ready-to-use colors.
WPC material is 60% wood, 35% polyethylen and 5% additive.  

Maintaining wooden floors and terraces is easy! Best product for this is Rubio Monocoat Soap, which is made for surfaces which are oiled with Rubio Monocoat timberoils. On the same time, it is universal and can be used on all the surfaces, for example tiles, vinyl, PVC, wood etc.