Wooden bathroom? Absolutely!

Wooden bathroom? Absolutely!

Once You have installed a wooden floor in You home, You will not want anykind of other flooring materials any more. Wooden floors are suitable for all the rooms, but lessknown is, that You can use wooden floors even in the bathrooms or saunas. 
It is not recommended to install pine or spruce in wet rooms but alternative is Teak, which is perfect for wet rooms. Thanks to Teak's big oil-content, it is very water-resistant and withstanding to big temperature fluctations. It is possible to make bath surroundings, showers bases, baths etc.

Teak, also known as Tikapuu or Tiikpuu in Estonia, grows all over the India, Thai, Indonesia and Java. Teak has high oil-content, so it's water-resistant. Teak is dark timber, it has specific scent and it feels oily.

Teak is ofter used for ship decks, handrails, oars and hatchways. Teak is very resistant to salty water. At home, Teak is perfect for making outdoor furniture.