Dust-free sanding and protective oiling

Dust-free sanding and protective oiling

Ofter reneval and resoration of the wooden floors are constantly being postponed because of the fear about that dust what sanding creates. For example, fine grinded dust is very hard to get off the furniture.
Little is known that nowadays it is possible to perform floor sanding practically dust-free. Dust-free sanding enables wooden floors to be restored without major restructing. Consequently there is no need to move all the furniture out from your home, it is sufficent to move your furniture to the next room.
Because people tolerance for fust is individual, FineFloors representatives love to say that it is practically dust-free. One of our clientshave described the amount of dust created while sanding- as if household usual dust have been unwiped for couple of weeks.
There is no need to fear that you must order a cleaning company or even worse- start changing wallpapers or any other major repairing after sanding. FineFloors has a corresponding technique and experienced professionals, who will carry out the work with highest quaility.
In addition, as important as dust-free sanding, is finishing the surface- we recommend oiling. Over 6 years, FineFloors have been using Rubio Monocoat oils. There is only positive feedback from clients. As the name suggests, it is one-single-layer oils, which color and protect with only one single layer. What makes it special, is the fact that Rubio Monocoat oils do not cover the wooden surface as other oils do, it reacts with thw wood at the molecular level. It is a revolutional technology, what ensures floor durability and beautiful appearance for many years.
Oiling with Rubio Monocoat oils do not leave floors slippery, oils dont have any foul odor and floor will be ready for using on the next day.
Rubio Monocoat oils are very eco-friendly. There are 52 ready-to-use colours so everybody find suitable one. Maintaining floor finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil is very simple- once in a couple of weeks just add Rubio Monocoat Soap to your floorwashing water. It helps to protect your floors regularly.