5 reasons to choose timberoil over laquer

5 reasons to choose timberoil over laquer
  • Oiled surface is much warmer.
    Oiling the wooden floor maintains it's warmth and naturality. This is possible thanks to Rubio Monocoat timberoils, which dont absorb or cover the wooden surface but reacts with it. 

  • Spot-recover is so much easier!
    When laquer is damaged, whole floor must be sanded and re-finished. When using Rubio Monocoat timberoils, it is way more easier: just sand the spot which is damaged and cover it with oil.

  • Ecologically responsible!
    Laquers have a great amount of solvents inside of them. Solvents may cause allergic reactions. Rubio Monocoat has 0% of solvents inside it, which means that Rubio Monocoat has 0% VOC. 

  • Oiling wooden floor takes a lot less time.
    Finishing wooden floor with laquer takes a lot of time. It needs several layers before it's ready. Rubio Monocoat timberoils colors and protects with only one single layer.

  • Almost endless choice of colors.
    We have 54 ready-to-use colors. If You still cant find Your favourite one, we have PreColor Easy, which makes it possible to achieve up to 800 different variations.