New cutting board with only 5 easy steps!

New cutting board with only 5 easy steps!

  1. Choose Your favourite wood. It is recommended to use untreated hardwood plank (these are made with Norfolk pine) (it is important to get untreated wood since you are using these for food prep)
  2. When You have somekind of pattern You would like to have on Your cutting board, draw it on the paper and then use this stencil to get it on Your cutting board. When You like, You can draw the shape right on the cutting board.

  3. Cut the shape out, using jig-saw.  

  4. Sand Your cutting board, using sanding machine or You can do it manually as well. It is recommended to sand it twice with different roughness sandpapers.

  5. To finish Your new cutting board, it is possible to use the most common foodoil. If You like more colorful cutting board, You can use Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector. You can draw on Your cutting board, using wood engraving machine. (You should engrave it before You finish it).

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