Pet and wooden floor- is it really possible?

Pet and wooden floor- is it really possible?

Choosing the right floor finishing depends on lot of factors, one of them are pets. There are a lot of questions in differend forums about what happens, when dogs walks on wooden floor? Will the nailmarks be very striking? How easy or hard it will be to maintain the floor? This is what this article is about!

If You have laquered floor, You must know that laquer is much more easier to damage. In time there will develop micro-cracks in the surface, which will increase in time. Damaged laquer will start peeling and dust will gather beneath it's surface. To fix laquered floor, it's needed to sand the whole floor and refinish it. 
On oiled floor, it's harder to damage it mechanically. Of course, the durability of the wooden floor depends on what kind of wood is it made of. Softer types of wood, for example pine or spruce, will be easier to damage. The strongest type of wood is jatoba, after that comes, wenge and merbau.

Like said before, it is harder to maintain laquer-finished floor because of the micro-cracks. With oil, there is no such problem. For everyday cleaning, usual vacuum cleaner and special Soap for washing the floor are enough. No need to fear that when Your pet comes inside with dirty paws, You cant get Your floors clean. Oiled floor doesnt let dirt to absorb.

When Your pet is still a puppy, sometimes happens that it doesnt make it outside for pee. On long term, uric acid starts to react with a wooden surface and pretty soon You will have a ruint floor. It doesn't matter, what kind of finishing You have, uric is bad to each of them in long term. Oiled floor is water-resistant but despite this it is strongly recommended to remove the uric from the floor rightaway, to avoid different colored spots on Your floor.
There should be protecting tray under waterbowl because continuous water on top of wooden surface is not very healthy to wooden floors. 

Also You should think, what kind of finishing is best for Your pet. Laquered or laminated floor can be too slippery and Your pet may fall and get hurt. Floors finished with oil is natural and not slippery, so Your pet can feel safe while walking or playing on it.