When strong and fast adhesion is needed..

When strong and fast adhesion is needed..

STA-PUT contact adhesive is made for both in industry or at home using. At home it can be used for gluing furniture, different floor coverings off the gluing, gluing wood dekoratiivseinte wall surface etc. STA - PUT adheres very well to most kinds of materials, including our plastics. Furthermore, glues very well laminates, natural wood veneer, PVC, ABS and other plastics, natural and artificial leather, tapestry, mirror, ceramic components, glass fibers, gel coating, paper, glass, cork, felt, foam rubber, acoustic insulation, aluminum and steel. The adhesive is characterized by a large particle of solid parts (HS ), the amount of water resistance and elasticity.

Using it is also simple: shake the bottle well before using it, especially if it has been present long before a lower temperature. For optimal results, the temperature of  the adhesive, room and material would be about 23 degrees. Before gluing, clean the adhesion surfaces of dirt, oil, dust, etc., which could affect the bond quality. For cleaning the surface, use a non-acetone solvent and allow the surface to dry completely. Then clean the surface with a dry cloth and start to glue application. Spray the surfaces to be bonded about 15-20 cm from the surface to avoid a uniform adhesive layer covering the surface of 80 to 100%.

One of the bonding material spray glue vertically, the other horizontally. Avoid spraying at one point, and consequently the "glue puddles' forming. For porous substrates, it is desirable to spray the adhesive on two phases (second layer when the first one is completely dry). The solvent evaporation time is 2 to 4 minutes, depending on the conditions. After that, the surfaces may be glued together, pushing them firmly together. It is important as a uniform compression across the adhesive surface, it ensures maximum adhesion. Use the STA-PUT glue in properly ventilated room.

STA-PUT other advantages can be pointed out as fast adhesion (2-5 min), the minimum cost (1kg / 6-8m²),  small loss of glue and tearing-test result of 120 Nm. The materials can be processed immediately after gluing and the product is very environment friendly.

Also, at office we use STA PUT as well, thanks to its reliability and strong adhesion.

Also available in 17kg canister!