Get your floors fresh for Christmas, with easy maintenance

Get your floors fresh for Christmas, with easy maintenance

Many of us have wooden floors at home, which need a little freshing up. As holidays are approaching and the desire to spend Christmas in a cozy home grow, but you lack time, FineFloors flooring professionals come to help you. It is possible to order a so-called „turn-key“ service from us. It means, that flooring professionals take care of rearranging the furniture before and after the maintenance service.
Maintenance starts with an effective machine washing, which is done with a polishing machine. As detergent, we use and recommend Rubio Monocoat Soap. Comprehensive machine wash is important, because all the dirt from wood pores must be removed. When the floor is washed, it is dried with water-sucking vacuum cleaner and then dried with the polishing machine again. The surface must be as dry as possible.
For maintenance we use Rubio Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil. It is a universal maintenance oil, which is used for protecting and refreshing (the floor?). It is also suitable for surfaces, that have been finished with any other oil except RMC, finished with lacquer or the where lacquer coat has started to crack.
As Rubio Monocoat oils react only with free wood fibres, the cost of Universal Maintenance Oil is minimal. With 0.5 l Universal Maintenance Oil it is possible to maintain 75-100m², depending on the type of wood and the manner of it’s preparation.
RMC Universal Maintenance Oil is available in five different colors: Pure, White, Grey, Brown and Black. This makes it possible to maintain the floor which is finished with black oil, remain black.

To apply oil, polishing machine is used because it makes covering the floor with oil more comprehensive. White pad is used for applying the oil. When oiling is finished, allow it to react about 10-15 minutes and then remove excess oil with a polishing machine, using the white pad.

However, when you have free time and are up to it, it is possible to carry out maintenance oiling by yourself. In home conditions, it is recommended to use RMC Soap for washing the floor. You should use two separate water buckets, one with RMC Soap and the other with pure water. When the floor is properly washed, let it dry out. When you perform maintenance manually, apply the oil with a cloth, brush or sponge. At one time, it is recommended to treat area sized 2-4m². All excess oil must be removed in 15 minutes, with a list-free cloth. Floor is ready for using after 24 hours.

In home conditions the maintenance oiling can be performed when necessary. Adding Rubio Monocoat Soap to your washing water once in couple of weeks is enough to keep your floors beautiful and fresh.

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