Innovative parquet-adhesive Rubio EasyBond!

Innovative parquet-adhesive Rubio EasyBond!

Rubio Monocoat is proudly introducing the newest member of its family, Rubio Easybond. Rubio Easybond is a new generation of single component parquet adhesive based on silane-polymer technology.

This parquet adhesive is universally applicable for nearly all types of wood and situations, and contains no plasticizers and is hard-elastic – two characteristics that result in a durable parquet adhesive, which fulfils virtually all recognised norms and tests, including the latest ISO 17178 standard.

Rubio EasyBond consists of a complete range of primers, levelling compounds and tools for preparing the substrate. From preparation of the substrate to finishing the parquet, you don’t have to think twice. With Rubio Monocoat, you can get everything done.

Available in 290ml tube for sealing the seams and skirtboards.

Don’t give it another thought – Rubio® EasyBond makes it easy. The adhesive is suitable for almost all wood types and all substrates. Including solid and engineered parquet as well as sub-parquet, end-grain wood, cork and other challenging wood types. This new generation of adhesive takes the best from everything thus combining important properties such as strength and elasticity in the same adhesive, and complies with the “new” standard ISO 17178.     

Rubio® EasyBond contains no softening agents meaning there is no migration and the adhesive’s composition does not change. This is why you don’t need to worry about damage to the surface finish afterwards as the adhesive simply contains nothing that can migrate to the wood. Very reassuring, isn’t it?
The parquet can be polished after 12 hours, saving a great deal of time compared to other adhesives. Because there are no softening agents in the adhesive, these cannot migrate and we can guarantee durable adhesion.