Pellet stoves

Advantages of pellet stoves

A pellet heating system is an intelligent choice for a number of reasons. 
Compared to other fuels, pellets are inexpensive, are consumed slowly, and have high heat output. 
They are clean and produce no dust or other waste because they are compacted and sold in impervious clean packaging. 
When they burn they leave very little residue, allowing the heating system to operate at maximum efficiency and eliminating the need for continual removal of ash from the combustion chamber. 
But above all, pellets are ecological. 
They are made primarily from natural waste produced during woodworking. They contain no chemicals, and are a renewable source of energy whose use helps to limit exploitation of the forests, since they are made mainly from sawdust and woodchips. Pellets are therefore considered a biomass fuel, with double the energy density of wood and producing low CO2 and NOX emissions. 

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Pellet stove Adele 9kW

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The soft lines of the Adele pellet stove enhance the lustre of majolica to the maximum extent.
Its combination of colours and design creates a subtle harmony, perfect for lending a romantic feel to your rooms. It has a maximum power output of 9 kW, is easy to install and can be used daily to heat rooms of considerable size.

2275,00 €
Pellet stove Agnese 13kW

Agnese, with its rounded lines and simple elegance, brings a touch of romanticism to your home. It shows that the secret of beauty is not the complexity of the design, but the fact it has been created with love. The majolica coating is all applied by hand and processed by specialised master craftsmen, for beauty that is also practical. Indeed, all the tiles are mounted, not cemented, to make any maintenance much easier and quicker.

4516,00 €
Pellet stove Alice 14,5kW

Alice is a formidable pellet stove which guarantees maximum e sciency with low fuel consumption. It has two independent motors, one of which allows the duct system to transfer heat /5 metres from the stove, spreading it evenly throughout the house.

3098,00 €
Pellet stove Alina 9kW

The classic lines of this majolica-clad pellet stove ensure that it will never look out of date. It is a true furnishing classic, equally at home in both traditional and modern settings. With a maximum power output of 9 kW, and fume outlets at top or rear, this highly functional product stands apart from all other majolica stoves.

1928,00 €
Pellet stove Andrea 11kW

With Andrea we have created a new compact component guaranteeing a practical solution which allows the stove to be kindled even when it is already turned on (by means of a front extractable drawer). The ue gas pass the in cast iron ensure excellent and long-lasting performance.
Available in two versions, front ventilated or ducted to take hot air to another room 2/ metres away.

2216,00 €
Pellet stove application Bollitore

Hot water available all the time

This vertical tank is the best solution for producing potable hot water combined with a Hydro pellet stove. The capacity of the storage tank guarantees greater autonomy: it is available in either a 100 L. It can also be connected to the smaller Eva Calòr Hydro pellet stove models, and the attachments on both the right- and left- hand sides make the installation process simpler. Finally, it also has an electric heating element, and so can be used during the summer when the stove is not in use.

857,00 €
Pellet stove application Serbatoio

The latest product is the 345 kg-plus reservoir for the storage and automatic loading of pellets. Sensors tell the control unit when pellets in the primary reservoir are running low, and the screw feeder switches on; all this happens automatically without the need for human intervention.
The system gives operational autonomy of more than 00 hours when connected to the Kantina Hydro stove, and can also be installed on any other type of pellet stove or boiler.

1262,00 €
Pellet stove Asia 7,5kW

A stove with an oriental touch. The 10 mm black glass ornamental mantelpiece, and the led-illuminated white serigraph make of it a unique piece of furniture. An innovative system o ers the possibility of conveying hot air from the front or back sides, according to needs.

2108,00 €
Pellet stove Betty 9kW

A 9 kW pellet stove that provides the optimum mix of consumption, power and output. Betty, with its clean 100% metal design and the option of a top or rear fume outlet, is the ideal solution for any environment, including where space is at a premium.

1435,00 €
Pellet stove Cerino 7,5kW

Packing modernity and style into a small space, this is an object that can decorate your home with few details and a lot of character. Cerino is a small pellet insert stove with lots of power, heating up to 150 cubic meters, and which, with its simple design, is suitable for all spaces and furniture styles. It is easy to load: the tray for loading the tank can be opened with a simple gesture, whilst the pellets slide gently down the slope.

1999,00 €
Pellet stove Chiara 13kW

Chiara has undergone a re-styling of its door and front panels, in line with Eva Calòr’s new aesthetics. Thanks to its cast iron chamber and its outer cladding with exquisite natural 100% Italian split stone, the elegant Chiara will adorn both modern and classic spaces with an exclusive and re ned look, releasing accumulated heat even when the stove is not working.

2580,00 €
Pellet stove Cloe 15kW

Ideal for heating large spaces as the heat is ducted by the action of two air blower motors which work simultaneously to distribute the heat evenly through several rooms or, if required, concentrate 100% of the output in a single room.
Mirror glass and a hidden handle complete the modern look of the Cloe stove.

2954,00 €
Pellet stove Diana 13kW

Diana is the most sophisticated version of the maiolica range. The domed cover is cream-coloured as the rest of the stove and increases the capacity of the pellet reservoir. The precious 24-karat-gold, hand-made decoration makes the stove unique.

4546,00 €
Pellet stove Diva 9,5kW

A really slim pellet heater, only 25 cm deep but with high output. Its hermetic construction optimises heat generation for enclosed spaces such as bedrooms, studio ats and bathrooms. It comes with glass door cleaning equipment, a remote control with ambient temperature sensor, allowing 10 levels of operating power, and DFSC (Dynamic Flow Control System). Diva is the stove that brings modern lines to the task of heating, with its rounded panels and wholly screen-printed glass door.

2743,00 €
Pellet stove Donatello 11kW

This pellet stove closely resembles a real chimney. It is easily and quickly installed on a wall, and features a telescopic hood that disguises the ue and creates a replace e ect without the need for construction work. It can be supplied with standard transparent glass or black glass, as required. Attention to detail and a sophisticated design establish this as a prestige product. An innovative re ll system makes it easy to top up the pellets through a handy side-chute.

3897,00 €
Pellet stove Duna 18kW

Warm air is delivered to the environment through a single outlet. The pellet chamber has a capacity of 40 kg. New programmable electronics give a choice of 5 power levels featuring also an innovative preset modulation system. With an output of 1,200 m3/h of heated air, this stove is suitable for heating big sized environments such as workshops, and greenhouses, as well as for medium sized environments such as o ces, public rooms and leisure areas.

3035,00 €
Pellet stove Elena 7,5kW

A 6 kW power, strong, compact stove with minimum depth measures, with an mm re ecting glass ornamental mantelpiece giving it a touch of elegance. An innovative system o ers the possibility of conveying hot air from the front or back sides, according to needs.

2059,00 €
Pellet stove Erika 11kW

Slim stove with coloured glass front and depth of only 25 cm, capacity 11 kW. Two supplementary kits are available: one for ducting the air into an adjacent room, and the other for hanging the stove on a wall. The rear-lateral fume outlet allows the stove to be positioned near a wall even in tight spaces such as corridors.

2105,00 €
Pellet stove Erminy 9kW

A 9 kW stove in delicately decorated majolica that enables you to heat your rooms and give them that classic and reassuring touch that majolica always conveys. Its characteristic dome is both aesthetic and functional, since it increases the pellet chamber capacity and, therefore, the autonomy of the stove.


2350,00 €
Pellet stove Fiamma 13kW

High performance and negligible emissions with Fiamma, a new addition to the 1 kW range, whose modern, minimalist design blends with any decor. Immediately noticeable is the door, made entirely in mirror glass, which prevents the combustion chamber being seen when the stove is o , but when working shows o the lovely ame cast by the 1 kW output.

2376,00 €