Sta-Put/Spray-Kon Hose 3,6m

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Special hose. Standard length –3,6m. Available in a length of 5,2m for large canisters.

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Pofessional gun for pressurised canister system, adjustment the width of the stream with a single knob, which makes that adhesive very economical. About 2m² material bonding takes less than 10 minutes. After using, the spray gun does not have to be cleaned.

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STA’-PUT® SPH is a solvent-based, spray grade contact adhesive specifically designed to bond a variety of materials, including decorative laminate, wood products, molded fiberglass, galvanized steel, cork, glass, and many others. SPH exhibits high shear strength, heat and UV stability and water resistance. SPH also offers fast drying and a long open time SPH is also available in an aerosol can and a canister system.

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