Terrace Garapa

Delivery time: 3 - 6 nädalat

Price starts 7,62€/m

Garapa from South America is characterized by a natural gelbraunen hue. This type of wood it has become the alternative to Bangkirai becoming increasingly popular and also characterized by its dimensional stability and durability, which makes them an excellent outdoor flooring. In the sorting PRIME this species is in principle knotless, sapwood and free of interlocked grain. 

Paksus 21/25/45mm
Laius 139/145mm
Pikkus 2130/2450/2750/3050/3350/3660/3970/4270/4570/4880/5180/5490/5790/6100mm
Profiil sirge/kaldservaga
Pealispind  peamiselt 4-st küljest defektivaba
Hinne PRIME maksimaalselt 5% defekte
Tolerants paksus keskmiselt +/- 0,5mm - laius keskmiselt +/- 1mm
Päritolu Lõuna-Ameerika taastuvad metsad 
DIN EN 350-2 järgi
klass I - väga vastupidav
Niiskusaste tehniliselt kuivatatud, niiskusaste keskmiselt 14-16%
Kaal keskmiselt 1150kg/m³
Paigaldamine kruvidega või nähtamatu kinnituskohaga spetsiaalse fiksaatoriga
Soovituslik aluskonstruktsioon                alumiinium, Angelim Pedra, Bongossi, Mirindiba, Murure
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Terrace Cumaru Rosa

Price starts 8,58€/m

Curupau from South America is a very individual outdoor flooring because of their vivid color play. In root initially yellow-brown, this is dark after a short time by the natural UV rays. Black inclusions along the grain of wood give a special charm. In sorting the PRIME Species curupau in principle knotless and free of interlocked grain. 


,   Delivery time: 3 - 6 nädalat
Terrace Massaranduba

Price starts 8,58€/m

Massaranduba is by its dark red color and a high quality alternative to Bangkirai. In the sorting PRIME this species is in principle knotless, splinfrei and has no pinholes. 

,   Delivery time: 3 - 6 nädalat
Terrace Teak

Price starts 14,94€/m

Teak is a very high-quality outdoor flooring, which finds its use in the outdoor area already for decades. The natural brown color and uniform grain make this covering so noble. In the sorting PRIME this species is in principle knotless and sap.

,   Delivery time: 3 - 6 nädalat
Terrace Douglas

Price starts 4,14€/m

Douglas fir is a native wood with a hellrotbraunen hue. As the Siberian larch is the Douglas fir an inexpensive alternative to exotic woods. In the sorting Gkl. I / III - resorted this wood has tight knots, sapwood and thunderstorms Astfehler.

,   Delivery time: 3 - 6 nädalat
Terrace Oak

Price starts 7,74€/m

Our oak comes as the Douglas fir from local forests and has a medium brown color. Oak is indeed a hardwood, but this species is due to their durability and sorting only a limited alternative to exotic woods outdoors. In the sorting Standard this wood firm knots, small cracks and thunderstorms Astfehler (vacancies) has.

,   Delivery time: 3 - 6 nädalat